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Website Design Wigan and the Northwest

Power Media Ltd predominately helps small to medium businesses with their Website Design Wigan and the Northwest. Your Website design is the first step into creating an online profile that over shadows all your other marketing. Having a great website backed with strong SEO and active Social Media can put your business miles ahead of your competition and make your business very successful. To make sure your website design is the best is possibly can be Power Media Ltd take the following steps:

Step 1 – Initial Investigation – Power Media Ltd will have a free 30 – 45 min consultation with you, basically to find out about you, your business and what kind of website you require. We will find out as much as we can during this meeting in order to provide you with the best possible website design Wigan and to give you the best possible quote.

Step 2 – Analysis – Once you have decided to go ahead with the package, we complete a competitor analysis, we collect all the content we need to build the website, and we set up your domain name, emails hosting etc…. sometimes this step requires a second meeting, usually to set up your new emails and to go through the competitor analysis.

Step 3 – Design – All of our websites are built on a live system, meaning that you can check the progress of your build on a day to day basis, but don’t worry it won’t be live to the public yet. Once we have completed the website design aspect we will ask to to check over the site to make sure your happy with the direction we are taking, if not we change anything you want before moving to the next step.

Step 4 – Implementation – This step is where we add the bulk of your website, the text, the imagery, contact details, contact forms, videos, sound files, downloadable documents etc… most of this will come from you but we can assist you with content collection, i.e. taking photos, writing content etc…. once all this is added your website design Wigan is pretty much complete, at this point you can tell us what you like, dislike or if you want anything changing.

Step 5 – Testing – This is the final step, we check every link, phone number, email, contact form and we even do a full proof read and spell check. Just to make sure you website is performing as it should before we put it live to the public and start generating you business.

We never move from one step to another without your full consent and we stay fully transparent throughout the entire build, this is true for all of our services. To book an initial investigation contact us on 01942 252 816 or email us on

Website Design Wigan