Project Description



Retro Chimps are specialist joiners and carpenters who stand out from the crowd. Nothing Retro Chimps build, create or design could ever be considered standard. Their mission is to help like minded, interesting people and entrepreneurs make interiors creative, joyful, vibrant and interesting whether commercial or domestic. Creating places where people want to eat, drink, shop, work and live.


The owners of Retro Chimps had a website already that they had built themselves. Once the site had been live for a little while they hadn’t had any enquiries. Feeling that they we’re missing out on potential business they got in touch with Power Media. After meeting with us it became clear that the Retro Chimps brand wasn’t too blame for their lack of customer enquiries. Their logo was well designed and reflected their company values. The main issue was their website, what little activity they had on their website was quickly turned away by the low quality design. What Retro Chimps Needed was a high quality website design, that not only showed off their craftsmanship but also gave a clear message on what services they provided.


Whilst the new website design began, Power Media and Retro Chimps where in constant contact, open ended communication is essential with a project such as this one, considering Retro Chimps don’t provide a traditional set of services. It quickly became apparent that Retro Chimps had attempted to increase their online profile, they had been updating their Twitter and Facebook accounts regularly to great effect as well as uploading videos too YouTube, however; when it came too Google they had little to no presence. Power Media created a customised strategy specifically designed to get Retro Chimps in front of their target audience.


Just as the website design project was coming to moving into final stages of development, Retro Chimps got some amazing news! Johnny Vegas (whom which Retro Chimps had previously completed some work for) asked them to help him make his new show for Channel 4 – Carry on Glamping. This was a chance for Retro Chimps to show off their skillset to national audience whilst also receiving nationwide recognition. This fantastic new opportunity meant that the website not only needed to go live ASAP but also the owners asked if they could add a merchandise section in order too make the most out of such a rare opportunity.


Retro Chimps uses a mixture of retro styling with a modern twist, which is exactly what their new website design needed to exhibit. Here at Power Media believe that we achieved that goal and although extenuating circumstances added an additional workload we completed the project within the deadline! Meaning Retro Chimps had their fantastic new website and ecommerce facility ready before the Channel 4 show “Carry on Glamping” with Johnny Vegas was aired. Since the project completed, Power Media have increased Retro Chimps online presence with a variety of First Page positions on Google and various newspapers have written pieces about Retro Chimps, their amazing craftsmanship and their involvement on “Carry on Glamping”.