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Logo & Print Design – Wigan

How Important is a businesses Logo?

In a word….Very! simply put, all of your branding, marketing, colour schemes and advertisements will start with your logo. When building a website the first thing a Website designer will do is check out the customers logo design, this gives the website designer the colour scheme for the website, the shape of the website and the general feel of the business. A good example of this is business Brook farm cattery, lets take a look at their logo:

Brook Farm Cattery Logo Design Wigan

First of all the logo is very simple, a relevant image with some fancy text all following the same colour scheme. but what does it tell a potential customer? what does it tell you?

Here are the list of messages we tried to communicate when designing this logo:

  1. We wanted to convey the Brook Farm Cattery are professional – We believe we achieved by using high quality imagery and some clever design techniques to give the logo a slight shadowing, essentially giving the logo a slight 3-D effect. This effect give the logo an edge of professionalism that Brook Farm Catteries competitors don’t have
  2. We wanted the logo to convey Brook Farm Cattery as friendly – We used soft colouring and a rustic font to give the logo a country/farm like feel, we stayed away from cold and hot colours as these promote a corporate image and Brook Farm Cattery want to be known as a local business, who are approachable and absolutely love animals (mainly because this is the truth), they are not selling a product after all, they are selling a service to look after part of someones family.
  3. We wanted to logo to show Wayne and Bev’s Love of animals – This is a difficult one, its hard to portray someones personality traits through a simple logo that also needs to grab the attention of potential customers. We tried to achieve this simply by displaying the main types of animal Brook Farm look after, Cats, Rabbits and Hamsters. We put them in size order, but we did it in such a way that none of them look more important than the other.

In conclusion the logo cannot be too aggressive as it can come across heartless but it also cant be too passive as it can be overlooked, we believe we achieved the perfect middle ground, being both attractive and welcoming.

When having an initial meeting with most clients, they are surprised at the amount of detail required in order to create a Logo that will help your business to be successful. If you look at some of the biggest companies in the world they usually have very simple logos that are easily recognisable and portray what they do. It is no accident that almost every Fast Food company in the world uses either Red or Yellow (or both) in their logos. These companies know their demographic and how to target them on the most basic level, there is absolutely no reason why you cant use some of these simple techniques to help you drive business.

If you are a new start up company or you feel your branding could use some professional attention don’t hesitate to contact us on 01942 252 816 or email us on We offer a no obligation and free initial meeting.

Logo Examples:


Got a Great Logo but need some help getting it into the public eye?

Some of the most basic marketing techniques can be some of the best and can also give your company the professional image it needs to succeed. Power Media Ltd can design the following:

  • Business Cards
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Hoarding Banners
  • Signs
  • Van/Vehicle Wraps
  • Brochures
  • Leaflets
  • and the list goes on

All of the above can be sent to you via email in a format that a print company will be able to use or you can leave it to us and we will get your designs printed for you.

If you need some print design work contact us on 01942 252 816 or email us on