Project Description



A little over 10 years ago, Beverley fulfilled her life long dream of leaving her long time employment to open her own business working with animals. Her favourite animals is Cats, so naturally she started a cattery. She started with just one small cattery with 6 pens (Molly House) which her husband Wayne built. Over the years the business has grown and grown, now she has 6 catteries varying in styles and sizes.

Over the years, Brook Farm Cattery has become a staple in the small town of Hindley Green, Wigan and Bev has also had the opportunity to help various charities, donating her time and even offering space in her catteries for cats looking for a home.


Bev knows Cats! You would have to go a long way to find someone who cares as much and knows as much about cats! the problem with her obsession for those of the feline persuasion is that it doesn’t leave much time for anything else…least of all the internet! Luckily she doesn’t have to know much about how the internet works or the world of marketing because she know Power Media!

Power Media has worked with Brook Farm Cattery since its inception. Needless to say Bev needed everything from the ground up, she needed a brand that displayed her services but also showed how loving and kind she is to all animals! business cards/invoice templates where designed with the new branding. The website needed to be very straight forward, easy to navigate but also scale able since the business has been growing very quickly. Another problem they had that the website could help to alleviate was that the entrance to the cattery was slightly hidden, so we created a page which showed exactly where the entrance is from all sides, this included a google map complete with directions and images of the car park.


The website, brand and additional design work are perfect for brook farm cattery. The logo instantly tells people exactly what she does, with a design that is approachable whilst also looking professional. Bev is very happy with the website exclaiming that “Even she can use it!”, after the website was completed…it needed to be found! Brook Farm Cattery has now been on the first page of google for “Catteries Wigan” for almost a decade from this they have been receiving between 5 – 10 enquires per day and have had to start a waiting list!