WL Piling Website Project – Wigan

Project Overview

When Chris from WL Piling first approached Power Media Ltd WL Piling was a new company and required some SEO. They had a website, business cards, logo design and a flyer but hadn’t got any business using these marketing tools. He quickly realised that his competitors were on the first page of Google and that is were a large portion of their business was coming from. As he was a new starter he didn’t have a massive marketing budget but he knew he needed to be on the first page of Google asap.

Website Design – Wigan

Chris already had a website designed, it was a Flat HTML website with 4 pages. The site was nowhere near big enough to fulfill his SEO requirements, so when Chris said he wanted all of the Northwest we recommended he get a new website that could grow with him, it needed a blog section and needed to be quick and easy to set up new pages, his current site didn’t allow this. Chris asked us to build him an SEO friendly website that could grow and evolve with his business, but he wanted a similar design to the one he had as it suited his business cards and flyers.

Feel free to browse the HH Piling Website and let us know what you think:


Other Design Work

Over the years Power Media Ltd have completed many different forms of design work for Chris, here are a few examples:

Van Wrap Design



Brochure Design

wl brochure design image

Advertising Hoarding for Leigh Centurions Rugby Club

Wl Piling Banner for Leigh Centurion Rugby Ground

SEO – Wigan

The first meeting with Chris was all about his budget and how he could maximize his ROI (Return on Investment). After a grueling first meeting (and many coffees) Chris settled on a local SEO package that would get him found in his local area, he decided on this package as it was a good way to test our skillset, test SEO in general and not have to burn through his entire budget. After three months of using the Local SEO Package he had an ROI of around 600% and wanted more, in fact he wanted everything, he asked us to get him on the first page of Google for every Town, City and Metropolitan area in the Northwest.

Here are some of the Search Results for HH Piling:

Key Phrase Page Position
Piling Manchester 1 3
Piling Leigh 1 1
Piling Liverpool 1 3
Piling St Helens 1 1
Mini Piling Manchester 1 3
Mini Piling Leigh 1 3
Mini Piling Liverpool 1 2
Mini Piling St Helens 1 1


Here is the Power Media Ltd Testimonial from Chris Brookes, the Owner of WL Piling Wigan:

“Testimonmial Coming Soon!”

Chris Brookes – Owner of WL Piling