James Shaw and Son Website Project – St Helens

Project Overview

James Shaw and Son had struggled with their website for years, they required a website that portrayed their professionalism as well as their high standard of customer service. Unfortunately none of their employees had the skill set required to build website which achieved this. When James Shaw and Son approached Power Media Ltd they were in the middle of an identity crisis, they had different logos, on their uniforms, trailers, cabs, business card and letterheads, meaning that their brand was inconsistent. Power Media Ltd instantly rectified this issue, by taking one of their logos and using it to redesign every aspect of their brand. Obviously the most difficult logo to change would be the ones on the vehicles, so we took the logo on the trailers as the primary brand and redesigned the Business Cards, Letterheads and Social Media to co-inside with the branding on the vehicles.

The next step was to make a start on the website design using the now consistent brand, unfortunately James Shaw and Son was lacking in imagery, to rectify this issue we organised Photo shoots of the premises and vehicles giving us high end imagery as well as relevant images of the different service James Shaw and Son provide, we completed the website build in the allotted time frame of 21 working days with time to spare. During the build of the website Power Media Ltd came to the conclusion that the website was a perfect platform for James Shaw and Son to justify their inconsistent brand for the previous couple of years, so we created a latest news post that showed the changes in their branding throughout their 65+ years they have been in business, not only is this interesting to see, but it also explains that the brand was never “inconsistent” it was just in a transitional state which now had settled.

in order to write this latest news post we had to look at old pictures of the trucks throughout the years and extrapolate the branding and recreate the logo’s here is what we created:

1950’s Logo


1970’s Logo


1980’s Logo


Present Day Logo

Master 2

The new website finally shows off James Shaw and Son’s commitment to their customers and their professionalism, it gives them an online presence they can be proud of and more importantly they finally have brand consistency across the board.

Print Design – St Helens

As mention above not only did James Shaw and Son need help with their online presence they also required Power Media Ltd’s design skill set for hard copy, we designed them new business cards and letterheads allwoing them to show off the brand in every communication with customers new and old.

Business Card Design


Andrew Front


Business Card Back

Letter Head Design

LetterHead 2 with Dummy Text

Website Design – St Helens

James Shaw and Son was in need of a website that could simply and efficiently describe what they do to new potential customers and could describe the full range of services to current customers making it a sales and up selling tool. The website also needed to convey James Shaw and sons family values as well as showing that they are larger and more capable than a lot of logistics companies from the Northwest, basically the “Big Enough to Cope and Small Enough to Care” angle.

Logistics companies mainly get their work by receiving tenders and applying to them with a quote for the work, most of the time there is very little difference between one quote and another when it comes to price, so a potential customer has to rely on other aspects of the businesses to help them make their decision, this is where  having a professional website can really be a benefit, which in turn, puts a lot of pressure the the designer of such a website.

Thankfully for James Shaw and Son Power Media Ltd is no stranger to high pressure situations and are committed to getting the design of a website “just right”, we have dealt with this kind of situation countless times and it is not only our attention to detail but also the huge amount of feathers in our cap that set us apart from the run of mill website designer, we can provide Professional Photographer Services to make your website stand out, or virtual office tours, print design, vehicle wrap design, hording banners and we can even provide holographic point of purchase displays (they look amazing), So when you approach Power Media Ltd to design your website, your not just getting a website designer!

Feel free to browse the James Shaw and Son Website and let us know what you think:


SEO – St Helens and the Northwest


in Addition to their branding, print design and website design, Power Media Ltd also provide James Shaw and Son with SEO, bringing fresh new clients through to their website on a daily basis, increasing the number of tenders James Shaw and Son receive and ultimately increasing their turnover.

Here are James Shaw and Sons Positions



Key Phrase Page Position
Full Load Haulage Warrington 1 1
Part Load Haulage Warrington 1 1 & 2
Refrigerated Haulage Warrington 1 3 & 4
Full Load Haulage Wigan 1 1 & 2
Part Load Haulage Wigan 1 8 & 9
Refrigerated Haulage Wigan 1 7 & 8
Transport Services Wigan 2 1
Full Load Haulage St Helens 1 1
Part Load Haulage St Helens 1 3 & 4
Refrigerated Haulage St Helens 1 1 & 2
Haulage St Helens 1 4
Transport Services St Helens 1 2
Transport Services Warrington 1 10
Transport Services Wigan 1 9
Full Load Haulage Services 1 2
Part Load Haulage Services 1 7