Ensor Building Website Project – Blackburn

Project Overview

Ensor Building was part of a large group of companies, Phil Brooke has worked at the Ensor Building company for 25 years. At the beginning of 2016 the Phil decided to buy Ensor Building and separate from the Group. When this happened the Phil decided to increase his online portfolio and generate new clients for his new business. The Ensor Building company name is well established throughout the UK and has some long standing clients, Phil needed a website that would attract new clients and would fit in with the brochures and other marketing tools he was already using.

Website Design – Blackburn

Ensor Building’s previous website was dated and was in need of an update, so Power Media Ltd took the Ensor Brochures and extrapolated the imagery, layouts and fonts and portrayed these element sin an online format that would engage new clients and be easy to find for all the long standing clients. Phil needed a website that would convey professionalism and promote his new products he has on the market as well as his core services. The website built by Power Media Ltd surpassed all Phil’s expectations and is now part of an online profile Phil can be proud.

Please feel free to visit the Ensor Building Website, and if you need Building or Drainage products you would be hard pressed to find a more honest and reliable supplier:



Phil realised when he was buying the company that most marketing is done online and since Ensor Building had never really done any online marketing, he wasn’t sure how to go about it or what to expect. What he did know was that most of his competitors were already years ahead of him when it came to the internet. He wanted to catch up. So when the new Ensor Building website went live he already knew what he wanted to do, beat his competitors on Google.

Here is a list of Ensor Building Positions on Google:

Key Phrase Page Position
Roofing Slate Blackburn 1 2
Drainage Blackburn 1 5
Surface Water Drainage Blackburn 1 2
EPDM Roofing Blackburn 1 1
Channel Drainage Blackburn 1 1
Natural Roofing Slate Blackburn 1 1