Brook Farm Cattery Website Project – Wigan

Project Overview

Brook Farm Cattery is a family run business based in Hindley Green, Wigan. Bev and Wayne have been animal enthusiasts pretty much all there lives and have owned and loved almost every type of animal found in this country, They approached Power Media Ltd literally days after they had finished building the Cattery. They were a brand new business and had never owned a website.

Power Media Ltd built the new website in 21 working days and within the budget set by Brook Farm Cattery, 2 years later and the cattery has gone from strength to strength, they have expanded twice and are currently building another brand new state of the art cattery  in order to keep up with demand.

Logo Design – Wigan

Brook Farm Cattery hadn’t even discussed the concept of branding or logo design before speaking to Power Media Ltd, they had no idea how important their branding is and no idea of their competitors marketing. After the initial investigation stage Power Media Ltd realised that Brook Farm Cattery needed a welcoming brand with soft colours and an emphasis on their love of animals whilst keeping the integrity of a professional business. We also needed to incorporate Bev’s love of shabby chic decor. After much deliberation and discussion Power Media Ltd presented the finished design, it incorporates relevance, shabby chic colouring and professionalism.

Here is the Complete Logo Design:

Brook Farm Cattery Logo Design Wigan

Website Design – Wigan

Much like the Logo, Brook Farm Cattery wanted to display professionalism, Love of animals and shabby chic decor. The website has a very simple to use layout and very high definition images of both the cattery and the animals the take care of. it has a colour scheme borrowed from the logo design and has shabby chic imagery throughout. The website thoroughly projects the companies image and reflects both the love of animals and the high level of service received by Brook Farm Catteries customers.

Feel free to visit the Brook Farm Cattery Website and indeed use their services for your beloved Cat, Dog, Hamster, Hedgehog, Chicken etc…

SEO – Wigan

Since Brook Farm Cattery is based in Hindley, Wigan, it is pointless marketing the website for anywhere further than their local area. People simply wont travel more than 5 – 10 miles to use a cattery, so the SEO is a little limited, Power Media Ltd decided the best thing to do is to get the website on the first page of Google for Hindley and Wigan. Here is the Search Results for Brook Farm Cattery:

Key Phrase Page Position
Cattery Hindley 1 1
Catteries Hindley 1 1
Cattery Wigan 1 2
Catteries Wigan 1 4


Here is the Power Media Ltd Testimonial from Wayne Southworth, the Owner and Builder of Brook Farm Cattery Wigan:

“When we decided to build a Cattery in Wigan we didn’t think about any marketing or branding for the business, we thought that when it was built we could depend on word of mouth. We initially approached Power Media Ltd for a Logo design and when the project was complete we were very happy with the results. However, it was apparent that getting a logo was only the first step, so me and Bev decided that a website was absolutely essential for a business in today’s market. We asked Power Media Ltd to complete a website for us and was very impressed with the amount of thought that was put into the design, I was surprised at actually how much goes into building a website and how every inch of the website is designed specifically to generate business, it was clear we had made the correct choice with Power Media Ltd. We was very happy with the completion speed of the project as it was completed within the same month and we was very happy with the finished product. Finally we decided to go ahead with a local SEO package with Power Media Ltd under the premise that we wold trial it for a couple of months to see if internet marketing would benefit us, After the second month we were inundated with business and everyone who we asked said they found us on Google. we have been using the same Local SEO package for 2 years and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that being on the first page of Google has generated 90% of our business and still generates us business today. I have been asked by many small business owners how have we been so successful and I say everytime it is all thanks to Power Media Ltd. Thank You Guys!”

Wayne Southworth – Brook Farm Cattery Owner


Wayne and Bev have generously allowed some of our newest clients to give them a call and chat to them about us and about the work we have completed, so if you are interested in our services but are still on the fence please feel free to contact Wayne or Bev on 01942 538 691 or email them on and ask them any questions you want. Or you can give us a call on 01942 252 816 or email us on We are looking forward to hearing from you.